Social-ecological commitment from a sense of passion

As a proprietary initiative, Clean Shrimp stands for improvement measures in the supply chains of shrimps from aquaculture and fishery. The objectives are as follows:

•    Preservation of traditional, sustainable production and related social structures.
•    Support of vulnerable groups in the supply chain.
•    Environmental and nature protection in the field of aquaculture and fishery.
•    Initialisation and implementation of “Aquaculture and Fishery Improvement“ projects.
•    Production based on transparent and certifiable criteria.

The Clean Shrimp Initiative gradually develops sustainable procurement projects. For example, a proprietary standard for the traditional Black Tiger shrimp production has been worked out in order to contribute to the preservation of this extensive production form.


Current projects:

2014\11 clean news.pdf

mangrove reforestation in costa rica.pdf